Friday, March 6, 2015

 Hi Dear Friends and Family,
Here comes the rest of our mission, one day at a time!  I think I have 5 minutes every nite to spend sharing a little with you!  Love and miss you all!

What a great day today!  President and Preston, our amazing grandson who is here to visit,  and I left at 7:30am to travel to Springfield,  MO.  We had a wonderful meeting there with most of our Senior Missionaries.  It was a tender time for us.  The _____ are leaving on Tuesday to return home-  they have finished their mission.  They are incredible people.  Elder _____ has been a Stake President, Temple Sealer and Sister _____has also been a life long church servant.  This is their second mission-  the first was in Australia.   They served in two places in our mission-  Springfield, MO and the tiny branch of Salem Mo.  The people in Salem are so sad to loose them.  The _____ became such a part of the church there. 
Our Senior Missionaries are consecrated saints of God who are determined to serve the Lord for the rest of their lives.   They are great examples to me. 
Preston bore his testimony in the meeting-  it was so tender and beautiful.   He has a pure heart and a real love for God.  I am so proud of him!
After the meeting we took them all to Lamberts- "home of the throwed rolls"!   I know I've told you about this before-  they really  throw the rolls!  It's awesome!
They gave us sort of a semi-private room and we just really enjoyed it.  One of our servers, was so kind and cheerful with us.  We invited her to learn more about the gospel and she accepted the invitation!  I'm so excited to see what happens with that!
Long drive home!  And much more to do tonight!  It's midnight and I'm almost done!

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