Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!
We are up and running.  Welcome to the Shumway Family Oklahoma Mission Blog-  whew!  That's a long name!  In just one week Scott and I will enter the MTC and begin our adventure.  We are excited to share the next three years of mission life with you.  We're hoping this will be a great way for us to keep in touch with all of you.  I'll try to post every week and keep you updated. 
Yesterday the moving truck came and took away a lot of things that I am needing today- of course.  So- this must be real.  It still seems like a dream.
Abby has spent her whole week in Oklahoma attending our new ward's Young Women's Camp.  She made lots of new friends, toured the mission home and mission office and is excited to return with us on June 30th.  She was our pioneer to blaze the way for the Shumway family.  We've had lots of great reports from her-  her new ward friends are great and we are so grateful to the wonderful young women leaders and the Medrano family that made it all possible for her.  She will return tomorrow and help us pack up for the big trip east. 
There have been so many endings for us- another one tonight.  Our family band, Mama's Boys will perform for the last time - probably for some years.  They will play in the church's summer concert series at Brigham Young Park in Salt Lake City at 8pm.  Come and join us if you're anywhere around.  We'd love to hug you one more time.
That's all for now.  Thanks to everyone of you who play such an important part in our lives.  Thanks to all of you who have helped so much to get us ready.  We are anxious to serve the Lord.
Love you,
Sister Shumway (that's my new improved name)