Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi Dear Ones,
I'm just so far behind with this, Im not even planning on catching up-  the missionary work moves forward at an every quickening pace and we are running to keep up.  It is so exciting!  This is the best work ever!  I can't even begin to tell you how dearly I love these missionaries and how grateful I am for the privilege of being a full time missionary.  I know we haven't done it perfectly.  But we've loved it perfectly!  Here are a few more journal entries.

Monday Nov 3, 2014

Left at 7:00am to drive 2 hours to Bentonville AR, for our Mission Leadership Council.  President Shumway and I took separate cars because he will continue on from there to do his 10 days of interviews with every missionary in our mission.
It was our largest group of mission leaders ever!  43 of them!  26 Zone Leaders and 17 Sister Training Leaders and they are every one outstanding missionaries and wonderful people!!  I feel so honored to get to spend a day with them and learn from them.
We reviewed many of the things Elder ______(General Authority) taught at our Zone Conferences.  Our mission therapist from LDS Family Social Services, came to teach about “Dealing with Depression”.  We have a number of missionaries that struggle with this, and his presentation was perfect for our leaders to understand how they can encourage and help missionaries that are having a hard time with this.   We had training from two Sister Training Leaders – - about a program Sister _______ brought from a previous mission-  Home Primary!  This is going to be a great tool to use with less active families.  We also had training from two Elders about family history work-  they have had huge success with it in St. Robert-  dozens of referrals from members.  They taught us how to use Family Search to do missionary work-  excellent training!   President gave some inspired training-  it was just a great day.
Everyone helped get lunch ready-  Hoagies, chips, veggies, fruit, and cookies.   It takes a lot of food to feed that many missionaries- especially Elders!  I hauled it from the mission home in a giant cooler.
We finished with the meeting about 4;15.  By the time I cleaned up, and talked with a dozen missionaries, it was 5;45.  I got home after 8:00pm.
Taught Abby and Taylor a seminary lesson (I’m their teacher now- did I say that?).  And I’m done. 

Wednesday Nov 5, 2014

Gone by 9:00am to be in Muskogee for a District Meeting there with 8 missionaries plus the zone leaders-   Great district meeting, and then I stayed in Muskogee to go out with the Sisters missionaries there.  As it turned out they had arranged an exchange, so I was with one Sister and one went with a member.

It was a touching appointment.  This lady is sick-  she recently had a stoke because of diabetes.  She still needs a little support to walk.  She is a less active member of the church – probably 60 years old and living with a man who is not a member.  They have been together for years.  He has cancer- leukemia.  They are living in a trailer in back of a run down little house- her grandmother’s house-  who died years ago.  They can’t live in the house because the gas line under the house is broken and they can’t afford to fix it and the crawl space is filled with spiders.  It’s the same kind of poverty we see all over our mission and it breaks my heart. 
This sweet lady had a pure heart and her eyes welled up with tears several times while Sister ____was teaching her.   Especially at one point- as Sister ____ shared that her mother had been a less active member of the church for years and a smoker and drinker.   Just before she came on her mission, she and her brother, who was also leaving on a mission, approached their mother and told her how important it was to them that they be sealed together as a family before the two left on their missions.  It changed their mother’s heart.  She stopped her bad habits and made herself worthy.  They were sealed just a short time before Sister ____ left for her mission.
I had no idea this had been Sister ____background.  It makes me respect her even more.   Her father is an active member, but there have been so many problems because of her mother, and this sister has had the strength to  stay faithful on her own.
She’s a remarkable young woman.

Friday Nov 7, 2014
I spent a wonderful day in Alma AR with two sisters.  We visited an investigator who is struggling to know if the gospel is true and is having great pressure from her husband and other relatives to discontinue seeing the missionaries and stop reading the Book of Mormon.   She asked us what she should do.  The answer is always the same-  she will have to come to know for herself if the Book of Mormon is true, through study, prayer.  She will need to keep God’s commandments.  She will be blessed for all of it. And she will have to trust the Lord to take care of the rest-  it will take so much faith.  It hurt my heart-  it has got to be a scary thing.

In the afternoon I worked with the Sisters in Van Buren, AR-   They are struggling to find.  After some planning and prayer, we went to find a sister who had asked for her name to be removed from the records of the church.  She was so happy to see the sisters.  She still has a testimony-  she just wants her questions answered.  The sisters will help her-  we’ll see what happens.

Our mission, the world is full of people needing the gospel, searching for the gospel.  So many things get in the way-  because Satan is so good at what he does.  I’m going to pray for those two sisters.

Saturday Nov 8, 2014
Attended a baptism.  A wonderful young couple, baptized by one of our great Zone Leaders.  This is a young couple who got married and then baptized.   They are going to need a lot of support to keep making progress in the gospel, but they are focused on the temple and that will help.
President Shumway will get home about midnight tonight-  long week for him!

Tuesday Nov 11, 2014
I’ve had two incredible days spent with missionaries!   President is in his second week of interviews, and I went with him on Monday to the Springdale Zone and today to the Bartlesville Zone.   The Zone Leaders conducted Zone Training meetings while President Shumway pulled missionaries out for interviews, and I talked with the missionary who was waiting to go in next.  It was such a pleasant time to visit with our OTM missionaries that I dearly love.  Each one of them is so unique and each has divine gifts-  I see that.
I’m also so impressed and touched by the great desire they all have to be better missionaries, to be more consecrated, to be more obedient, to work harder.   They all want to do more!  Sometimes I am brought to tears as they tell me their challenges,  and their miracles.   These days have been a gift to me.

Tonight one of our senior couples, who have been serving in Salem, MO, came in to the mission home.  Their mission is completed.  They are an outstanding senior couple!  He has been serving as the branch president there.  When they first arrived they would get about 20 people out to church, sometimes as low as 11.  There was so much work to do.  They just started visiting and loving.  Last Sunday they sent us a picture of the ward family, standing out in front of the chapel on the last Sunday they were there.  80 people!!  They have truly made a difference there.  These are the sweetest, most unassuming, humble people you could ever meet and they love the Lord.  They are such a great example to me.

We had a special farewell dinner for them with a short meeting afterwards to hear their testimonies.   Our senior office missionaries and our assistants came. They will spend the night here in the mission home.  They will depart for home tomorrow.

  Thursday  November 13, 2014

What a special day!  I got to hear Taylor sing a solo for the Jenks High School Veterans Day Assembly-  he sang yesterday and today- the student body is so large- 5,000, that they can’t fit them all in the Performing Arts Center at the same time.  He was incredible, and the students loved it!
I went straight from there to the Tulsa East Stake Center to spend the next three hours visiting with Elders- no sisters in this Zone!  It was their Zone Training Meeting-  President conducted interviews with every missionary and I visited with every missionary!  Such a privilege to listen to the things they have learned here in the mission field, to hear their testimonies, to hear stories of the miracles that have happened in their areas, and to hear the miracles that are happening at home with their families.  The Lord has been so kind to all of them as they have given Him their time and strength to serve.  I love our missionaries!!

Saturday November 15, 2014
So much to do this day!  President, Taylor and Abby left at 8:am to drive one hour north to Bartlesville.  President and Taylor were presenting at our 3-stake youth fireside-  President speaking and they both sang for the youth.  Abby just got to enjoy it!
I went to the Broken Arrow building to do a workshop for a 3-ward women’s conference. 
President and Taylor got done at noon-  He drove north to St. Robert to teach at the leadership portion of their Stake Conference.  Taylor left in his own car to hurry to football for the Senior football pictures.  Abby came home with ward members.  I came home to hurry and change and take Taylor (when he got home from football!)  to Oklahoma City for auditions for the All-state Choir- a one and a half hour drive- one way.
I enjoyed the drive so much!  Taylor sang all the way there- practicing and warming up-  I love to hear him sing.  His choral director called tonight-  Taylor made it!  He’s in the All-State Choir!
On the way home we talked and worked on part of his Eagle Scout Application-  him on my I-pad. 
Poor Abby-  we just left her home alone all afternoon.  She worked on homework.
Got home-  made a grocery list- ran to WalMart-  home!
It’s 10:30pm-  that must mean it’s time to go to bed – we can only hope!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's October but this part of the blog is about September!  I'm behind- again!

Hi Friends and Family,
I'm not sure I really needed to send this part of my journal - most of it was spent with some of you.  The week previous to this was the week of our transfer and just before that the terrible accident with our missionaries.  I am still in the process of trying to write that up, and I will share it with you when I finally feel like it is alright to do that.  The last 3 weeks have been full of heartache and blessings and great joy also.  I'm grateful the Lord has sustained us with his Spirit.  We have surely needed it.  I'm realizing more and more how very dependent we are on Him for everything. 
It was the most amazing gift to see so many of you and be able to give you a hug!  It'll keep me going for another 10 months!  There is still so much more work to do.
Most of all-  I want to thank all our children for the fabulous work they did in preparing everything for Matt and Eliza's wedding!  I just showed up and enjoyed it! Dad and I will never adequately be able to express our gratitude to you for all you did, have done and will continue to do so that we can serve here.  You are the best!!

With much love to all of you,
Sister Shumway,  Mom

September 1, 2014
Got up very early to be in Rogers AR for our Mission Leadership Council.  Hard to be away from Abby and Taylor on Labor Day, but Aunt Joey will be there-  our hero.  Transfers were last week and this week we have many new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  It was a somber bunch-  our mission is still trying to move beyond the sadness we feel at the loss of Sister Vea.  It's just going to take some time.  The Spirit was very present today as we had our training about the doctrine of Christ, prayer, giving bold invitations, planning, and several other things.  We also had President _____ in attendance-  one of the Stake Presidents from Springfield.  He is a psychologist and came to help our mission leaders understand how they can help and support the other missionaries as we all work through our loss. 
We love these missionaries-  if it's possible- our love for them has even deepened through the past difficult weeks.  We realize how precious each of them is and how fragile life is.  This has been such a scary thing for us.

On to Springfield-  we will visit every zone-  all ten- in the next two days, to have a short memorial service for Sister Vea and to make sure they are all alright.

Tuesday September 2, 2014    Matt's Birthday!
This was a whirlwind day.  Along with our assistants, we met with two zones in Springfield, MO, traveled 1 1/2 hours to St. Robert to meet with their zone and then 1 1/2 hours to Houston, MO.  to talk with the West Plains Zone.  Then another 3 hours to Joplin, MO so we can be ready to go again in the morning.
At each stop we spent about 45 min to an hour and had a short memorial for Sister Nancy Vea.  Today was her actual funeral in Utah and it seemed appropriate for us to do this today. Our assistants had prepared a beautiful DVD tribute with pictures and music for the missionaries to view.  It was very touching. President Shumway and I each spoke and told the many miracles and tender mercies we have seen in the past couple weeks associated with the passing of Sister Vea.  It was a tender, sober time with our missionaries.  Many tears shed.  Tomorrow we will visit the other 6 zones.  It will take us all day, but it certainly has been worth the effort to bring some peace and closure for our missionaries, and to help them see how this experience can be motivation to be better missionaries-  more fully committed.
Our hearts have been so full of love for our wonderful missionaries as we have traveled around.

Thursday Sept 4, 2014
Went to bed last night at 1:30 and got up two hours later 3:30am.  Spent all day with Taylor flying to Seattle WA.  We got here some hours later and two time changes.  It was the strangest feeling to leave the mission without President Shumway!  The General Authorities have given me special permission to leave the mission and attend our son's wedding.  Family truly is very important. 
This is going to be a difficult week for President Shumway.  He is so busy and that's good-  his heart is going to be so sad to miss Matt and Eliza's wedding.
Spencer and Tara and kids picked us up at the airport- this is so much fun!  And we went straight to the Knowles home.  I was so happy to finally meet Eliza's parents and family face to face.  They are incredible people-  a strong, righteous family.  What a blessing for Matt!
Matt and Eliza had pictures taken at the temple all afternoon,  and I went with them to help carry things, take a few pictures of my own and be a support.  The pictures were amazing!  The Seattle temple is absolutely beautiful and Matt and Eliza are a very handsome couple together-  and obviously very much in love.  That makes a Mom happy!

Jonathan and Spencer and their families are here!  Cabe and Jana are here somewhere and Spencer and Taylor went to a Green Bay pro football game tonight.  Jonathan is picking them up and then going on to get Nate from the airport late.  We should all be together by late tonight.    And another great surprise!  Matt and Becky are going to be here-  oh that made me so happy! 
I took Matty to some little Vietnamese place for dinner.  He was so very tired but excited and I'm excited for him..

Friday Sept 5, 2014
Matt's wedding!! A beautiful sunny Washington day for a wedding in the Seattle temple.  The grounds are spectacular!  I got a phone call from a missionary at 6:00am here (8:00am) in Oklahoma, and it woke me up and Matt too-  so neither one of us went back to sleep.  Matt was too excited.  I got up and dressed. He had breakfast downstairs and I talked with him a bit . I took 20 minutes to walk and run around the hotel, showered and all of us- Spencer Tara and kids, Jon Sarah and kids, Nate, Matt, Taylor and me- got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful! It was a happy experience for me to be with all my married children in the temple.  I was only sorry President Shumway couldn't be there to enjoy it-  these sacred times are such joyful occasions for parents.  But it felt so great to have Matt there(President's Brother) to be the patriarch of the family for the day.  And I was so proud of Jonathan who acted as the escort and witness in place of his Dad.  We have the greatest family-  we are so blessed!
Many, many pictures were taken outside after the sealing in the temple- Knowles family and Shumway family.

Then we all went on to the most fun wedding luncheon I've ever been to!  The Knowles family has a membership at a beach club right on a lake.  The kids all got on their swimsuits and spent the afternoon playing on the sandy beach and swimming in the lake.  It was a beautiful, northwest lake- surrounded by the evergreen trees with glimpses of Mr Rainier in the background.  Sea planes were taking off and landing every so often.  We even saw a rowing team (what do you call them) practicing for a race.
We ate our lunch-  catered by a local mexican restaurant- under a pavilion.  Perfect temperature,  very relaxed and so much fun to get to know the Knowles family better.

Saturday Sept 6, 2014  -  Matt's Reception in Seattle
The Reception:
Brother and Sister Knowles worked so hard to make it lovely and wonderful in every way.   Our family went early in the afternoon to help Eliza's family decorate and set things up.  They were so organized and had everything ready so it wasn't hard at all.  This was a double reception.  Eliza's brother had been married just before but had never had his reception in Seattle, so they shared the reception and that was just perfect.
I didn't know more than a couple people as they came through the line, but it made me so happy to see the love and friendship that so many had for the Knowles family.  They are greatly admired and respected by the Saints in Seattle and so many others.
And Matt and Eliza were just glowing!  Loved this day!

Sunday Sept 7, 1014-  Long trip to Utah-
What an adventure!  14 hours, two cars, 8 kids, 5 adults!   They watched movies, played games, we stopped 5 or 6 times to let children use the restroom, and fed them a few times and we made it!  I loved getting to play with and talk with our grandchildren.  We even had Primary in the car!
Jana, Cabe and Taylor got on planes early in this morning.  Jana and Cabe to Pleasant Grove.  Taylor to Oklahoma.

Monday Sept 8, 2014- 
This day has been a day of extreme emotions! 
This morning I got up early here at Jonathan and Sarah's home-  5:30am.  Spencer picked me up at about 6:30 pm and took me to visit Brother and Sister Vea in West Jordan.  It has been nearly 3 weeks since our Sister Vea's passing and her parent's feelings are still very tender.  I was bringing them a box of notes and pictures from the Greenwood AR ward.  Those saints there are so concerned for them.  They loved Sister Vea and they love her parents. They also sent a cute book of notes and pictures from their Primary, and I took the DVD our assistants had made as a tribute for Sister Vea. We cried together and Spencer and I left.  They are coming to  OK again to go to AR and see the Greenwood ward, not so much so that they can see where she was serving but so they can comfort the people there. They are amazing!

 Jana,Sarah, Tara and I spent the rest of the day gathering things for the reception.  At 6pm here came 40 or 50 returned missionaries to Jonathan's home!  I had put information on Facebook telling all our returned missionaries that  I would have some time on Monday night to visit if anyone wanted to come. I had no idea so many would come! It was such a joyful reunion for me and for them too I think.  they were so happy to see each other.  You probably couldn't call it a dignified event- there was so much squealing and laughing and happy loud talk. It was like a family reunion.  I can't begin to list all who were there- there were even some parents.   They stayed for a couple of hours and I went to bed a happy woman. I can just imagine how much fun we are going to have with all of them after our mission!

Tuesday Sept 9, 2014
Today was Matt's reception here in Pleasant Grove.  But it rained all day!  Our beautiful backyard reception was ruined.  Jon and Sarah and Jana and Cabe have spent the last months making their yards bloom for this reception.  We were all hugely disappointed, but at the last minute we were able to pull together a very nice reception at the church.  I called a wedding planner that we had used with Nate's wedding and within an hour they had a beautiful backdrop for us and lots of lighted trees. We had linens on the tables and wood chairs with yellow bows and lots of potted flowers. So, it was so pretty.  I recognized The Lord helped us with that as we only had two hours to pull it off!
It was a wonderful time for me to see many relatives and also people from our ward and stake in PG.  It was such a strange feeling to be in Utah and still be a full time missionary.  I am ready to get back to Tulsa and get to work.   There is much to be done, and I am praying The Lord will continue to give us divine knowledge to know exactly how to do it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I am coming to Utah for our son's wedding.
I will have time on Monday night- Sept 8, to visit with any of you who are close enough to come to Pleasant Grove, UT

We'll have a mini-reunion for a couple hours!

Come to my son's home (Jonathan Shumway) any time between
6 and 8pm
Address is: 607 N. 500 E.
Pleasant Grove, Ut

Call me or text me if you have any questions. 918-605-7980

President Shumway and I love you all!
Sister Anne Shumway

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sister Nancy Vea-  Funeral Services
Here is the updated information:

Viewing on Monday Sept 1st-  from 6 to 10 pm at the LDS Chapel -
8150 S. Grizzly Way,  West Jordan,  UTah 84081

Funeral will be Tuesday Sept 2nd at 11:00am at the LDS Chapel above-
Burial following at the West Jordan City Cemetery 7800 South 1300 West,  West Jordan, UT

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear OTM returned missionaries-
Our hearts are breaking in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission at the loss of one of our sweet Sister Missionaries-  Sister Nancy Vea, who died in a car accident this last week.  Some time I would love to be able to tell you the details of this very sad week that has also been full of miracles, blessings and love.  The purpose of this post is to invite all those who have been missionaries in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, and are able, to attend the viewing and/or funeral of Sister Nancy Vea. 
Sister Vea was an outstanding missionary who had dedicated her life to serving the Lord.  We want to honor her by having many OTM missionaries attend her funeral.  We know this will comfort and help her family as they look out on this show of support.
Please go if you are able!
We love all of you and are grateful for the bond we feel with you as fellow servants of the Lord in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.

Sister Anne Shumway

The viewing will be help on Monday Sept 1, 2014 from 6 to 10pm.  (Salt Lake Valley)

The Funeral will be held on Tuesday Sept 2, 2014 at 11:00am   (Salt Lake Valley)

PLEASE NOTE:  Unfortunately at this time, I do not have the location of the services.  I should know in the next day or so and will post again with that information.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

JUNE 2014

Hi Friends and Family!
We miss you! I'm looking out the window at Oklahoma, but it feels like any peaceful Sabbath day.  I'm grateful that the Lord's Spirit can be anywhere.  I love Utah but I am going to tell you that Oklahoma has a huge piece of my heart-  I love the people here,  the beauty,  the missionaries, and the great blessing that allows me to be a missionary.  Here's our report of the week! 
Love you so much!!
Sister Shumway

Wednesday June 25, 2014

This is not my first journal entry for June, but I made a very silly mistake several days ago, and deleted the whole June file.  Oh well,  I guess I could have cried about it, but I don’t have time for that.  The days are flying by and each one is filled with beauty and miracles,  and challenges too.  But we are still here, and we are still working as hard as ever.

I have loved these last three days.  On Monday about noon, 18 wonderful youth from the Battlecreek 1st Ward in Pleasant Grove Utah, drove into the mission home with their 6 great leaders.   Spencer and Tara live in that ward.  Spencer serves in the Young Men’s program, and he had come up with an idea that they could bring the youth in their ward on a “super activity”  to Oklahoma to serve a “mini mission” here.
They were in age- 14 to 18.  Two of them already have their mission calls.  One will leave in two weeks for his mission in Kansas-  they drove right through it to get here!

We treated them like any other incoming missionaries and fed them lunch, did some training, introduced them to their companions – our full time missionaries- and sent them out.  That scene made me cry.  Two of our grown Elders with 14 or 16 year old young men.  Our Elders threw their arms around them as if they’d always known them, and off they went to their areas.  Same thing with the sisters.  There were only 3 young women, but our sisters were hugging them as if they were best friends.

They spent the rest of Monday, all of Tuesday, and Wednesday morning working together.  They came in to the New Haven Building today-  our ward building-  and they were glowing!  President Shumway had promised them miracles and that is exactly what happened.  They could hardly wait to tell. 

It was a tender thing to watch the youth say goodbye to their new missionary friends.  We brought the youth to the mission home and had a special testimony meeting.  There were many tears.  They reported that their whole view of life has been changed, they saw poverty that they didn’t know existed, they didn’t know that they could love perfect strangers as they had, they felt the Spirit guide their actions and words,  they didn’t know missionary work was so challenging, but they are more committed than ever to serve missions, they know that God lives and the gospel is true.
One young man said he would have done anything, traveled any distance to have the experience they’d had.  I think the wonderful leaders of the Battlecreek 1st ward can know that all the work, effort and sacrifice required to bring these youth here – was a success.

Our missionaries felt the same way.  I asked them if it distracted them from their work.  Every one said it was just the opposite.  It made them work harder, pray harder, and be exactly obedient so that they could be a great example to their young friends.

And there were incredible miracles.  Elder ____ and Elder ____, along with the young man who was working with them, were teaching a new member lesson to a recent convert.  They had decided to have it outside of the apartment building.  Two of our senior sisters-  Sister ____ and Sister ____  Here came a lady running-  East Indian.  She wanted to know if she and her husband could listen to what the missionaries were teaching to this new member.  They were so excited to hear the gospel and after the lesson invited the missionaries into their home and asked if they could donate to the church! 
who had introduced the gospel to this sister, were also there.

President Shumway and I are so grateful the Lord blessed us with this experience for our mission.  There was an incredible outpouring of the Spirit for everyone involved.  It’s interesting to me that the Lord can get so much done all at once-  bless the youth, our missionaries, and the many, many people who were touched by their testimonies.   It was a miracle week.  

Battlecreek 1st Ward youth and leaders-  All smiles after their Mini-mission! Honorary missionaries for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.              

 Thursday June 26, 2014

A Happy Birthday to our sweet Bria and handsome Brigham!   Our two wonderful grandchildren-
two “Bs” born on the same day!

This was a day to try and regroup.  I was desperate to help Abby and Taylor with their online summer classes that have been so hard!   I don’t think we’ll ever do online again.   The programs won’t let them go back to study for the quizzes and tests, though they are able to take the quizzes over and over until their scores improve, but they can’t see what they missed!  So I went in to talk to the online teachers, and they were so very kind,  as the majority of the teachers in the Jenks School District have been-  so willing to try and make things work for their students.  I recognized their special and individualized help as a great blessing from Heavenly Father.  It’s hard to keep myself balanced as a mother and a “mission” mom.   There are days I just have to stop and really focus on Abby and Taylor, and I’m always grateful to the Lord for helping things work out.

This is such a wonderful place!  I wish you could all spend one summer day in Tulsa Oklahoma.  It is so green-  and pink and purple!  Lots of flowering trees and flowering bushes.   And so humid and hot!  I sat out in the back yard tonight on the phone, talking to a missionary, and the sky changed to pink and then gray, the cicadas starting singing their loud buzzing noise, the tree frogs (many of them!) start croaking, and the beautiful fireflies flew around me-  they look so unreal-  fluorescent green flashing off and on.  I love a summer night in Oklahoma!!

 And summer days!  I always see little critters on my walks!

And beautiful trees and flowers!

 And I've fallen in love with Oklahoma clouds!  They come down so low- they are so huge!  I'm always asking Abby in the passenger seat to lean out the window and snap another cloud for me!  
They are heaven's beautiful art work! 

 Was I right?  They are incredible!  Part of the joy I feel about being here.

Friday June 27, 2014

I’m still thinking about the wonderful days we had with the youth of the Battlecreek first ward, and I realized I didn’t tell you that on Tuesday (the 24th), while the youth were out with their full-time missionaries, I took Tara with me to Muskogee and we spent about 4 hours teaching with the sister- missionaries there.  We went together- all four of us- to visit  a less active couple.  As we were teaching we thought we could hear a couple of dogs in the room next.  All of a sudden, the door burst open and ELEVEN dogs came jumping, leaping, running, licking and barking into the room!  Some of them jumped right into our laps!  It was like something from a Disney movie-  we were all laughing!  People out here love their animals!  This is not the first time I have taught a family with that many dogs-  one home had fifteen!

Then we split.  Tara went with one sister and I went with another.   I was so touched by one of our appointments with an 87 year old man-  just baptized two weeks ago!  Still very sharp in his mind, though he was having some trouble hearing us.

We taught him about family history and the temple.  His wife died a few years ago, and this humble man, sitting in a wheel chair, just cried to know that he could be united with his wife eternally.  We told him he still has important work to do and there was change in his demeanor as he thought about this-  he still has something to live for- something very important to accomplish.  He thinks that his sister-in-law is the one who should be baptized for his wife.  His sister-in-law is not a member!  But he dialed her number and handed the phone to Sister ____so that Sister _____ could invite her to listen to the missionaries-  and she said yes.   The Lord can use missionaries of all ages!

He reminded me so much of my Daddy-  kind and good.  I miss my Dad. 

Saturday June 28, 2014-  Happy Birthday Thomas!  Our Grandson!

You wish you could have been with me today to see Taylor perform in Suessical- the musical!  He had a leading role-  Horton the Elephant!   If you are not familiar with this musical you are probably smiling about that.  It was so great!  Taylor sang beautifully, and acted very well.  I was so proud of him.
This was a one week summer camp, so nothing like Tarzan that he performed in this spring at the school-  no costumes or beautiful sets-  pretty bare bones.  But so much fun!  


Abby made in on the Jenks Cheer Team but she is still recovering from her ACL surgery.  So she went to the Cheer Camp and sat and watched!  Hard for her, but she is recovering nicely, and her leg is getting stronger and stronger, so one of these days she'll be able to be up and at it!  I took a picture anyway!

President Shumway left very early to be 4 hours away for a baptism-  and then on to a Stake Conference in Missouri.  We felt it was important for me to be home for the kids this weekend so I stayed.

 I attended the Baptism of a wonderful young couple.  New members of our ward here-  so prepared to hear the gospel.  He was raised Lutheran and had begun to have doubts in the last year preparing him to recognize the gospel and join the church-  where he says he feels so happy and comfortable.  Many people say it feels like coming home.  It always touches my heart to see our missionaries dressed in white- ready to use their Priesthood to help someone make that first covenant.  These are the Zone Leaders for our Stake-   they are outstanding in every way!   I feel so proud of them- who they are-  and I know of the faith that has been required of them to bring someone to this point.

  Sunday June 29, 2014

I love Sunday-  the Lord’s day.  I feel His Spirit the minute I climb out of bed.  I love the reverent Sabbath Day feeling as I study the scriptures. 

Our traveling Sister Training Leaders pulled in this morning about 10:30.  They will be here for a day and then head back out to continue the important work they are doing of training every sister in the mission!  I am so grateful for them.  It is impossible for me to get out and see them all.

THE BEST THING OF ALL!!  Cabe and Jana, Preston, Carter, Ashton and Brigham-  arrived this afternoon to spend the week with us!  We are so excited to have them here!   They are going to get to do some missionary work with us and we will have some time to just enjoy them too.

That's all for this Oklahoma weekEmoji

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday Jan 20, 2014
What a day-  happy and sad!  Elder and Sister ______,  one of the best senior missionary couples in the church went home from the OTM today.   They came to the mission home and we had a farewell luncheon for them with the Senior Office Staff.  They served in _____ AR for 23 months-  the people there had parties for them and cried when they left.  I know I keep saying this- but I wish every older couple in the church could have heard the testimonies they shared with us today.  Sister _____ said she was so surprised that the people were so sad to see them go-  Elder and Sister _____ had wondered if they’d done much good.  Their influence will be felt for years, perhaps eternally, as families they helped to activate continue on their journey back to their Heavenly Father.   I was so sad to see them go. 

Today I was so excited!  Our missionaries are amazing!  After President Shumway presented his 5 “anchors” at our last broadcast, and we challenged them to climb the mountain,  President Shumway said he needed “pace setters”.  I think he knew what would happen!   One of our Zone Leaders set a goal to have his zone teach 300 lessons this last week!  That would have been amazing, but by the middle of the week he could see they were going to do better than that.  They taught 536 lessons last week!  They beat the last mission record (as far back as we can see) by over 200 lessons!!  He told President Shumway that today for their preparation day, all the missionaries in his zone were too tired for a zone activity.  They just needed to rest!  It’s absolutely incredible how blessed they were.  The Lord rewards desire and hard work.  And they weren’t the only zone that did  it!  Other zones heard what they were doing and set out to see how many they could do. 
It’s not all about the numbers-  it’s about hundreds of investigators that we hope will progess toward baptism, temple covenants, and eternal life.   We are so happy!

Tonight-  President Shumway and I and Abby and Taylor went to visit a family.  Their dear sweet daughter and sister died this week.  She was 27 years old-  a precious handicapped girl that could not communicate well, but sat by me in Sunday School and Relief Society and smiled and loved every minute of her time here.  And now- she can sing!

More specific information about the car crash the sisters were in on Friday.  This was my entry in the medical journal I have to turn in:

Medical Miracle:
Friday Jan 17th-  The two sisters became frightened at night as they were driving on a dark country lane.  In their hurry to get out of that area,  they were going a bit too fast and rolled their car into a ditch which had a 50 drop on the side.  They were saved from falling down the cliff by a tree that caught their car and stopped it.  The sisters had to climb out the windows and across the top of the car to safety.  Then they walked down a dark country lane until they saw a house with lights on.  Some very kind people allowed them to come in and make a phone call.  Their cell phone had fallen down into their car and they were not able to locate it in all the confusion  of the accident.  Immediately, members began to come and help them and their zone leaders.  Their Bishop took them to the ER where Sister _______ had 5 stitches in her hand-  It hadn’t been cut on anything.  Her hand literally tore between two of her fingers as she tried to turn the steering wheel.  She’s going to have to go to a hand surgeon also.   The Zone Leaders and another kind member got the things out of their car and found someone to get the car back on the road. 
            Everyday we pray for the missionaries safety.  I KNOW they were protected.    If they had gone off the road on either side of the tree they may have been killed.

TUESDAY JAN 21, 2014
Miracles today!  I traveled to Pawhuska, OK early this morning  to go out with the Sister Training Leaders there.  I can’t say enough good about those two-  fabulous missionaries!   At every visit we made we felt the Spirit’s influence and saw miracles.   We visited with a lady who has been less active for many years-  so sad, because she had been endowed.   We read the sacrament prayer to her and talked about what it means to “remember”.   I asked her if she could remember the first day she spent in the temple and her eyes filled with tears.   We all felt the peace that comes from the truths we were talking about.  I don’t know if she’s ready to come back, but she is “remembering”.

 Some months ago when I visited this same area, all our appointments had fallen through and we had prayed to be directed to someone who would listen.  We drove up a hill past a woman on her porch and felt prompted to stop and talk with her.   We actually drove past her house and parked around the corner and walked back so she wouldn’t be so uncomfortable with us.  She came down off her porch, hung up with the person she was on the phone with and welcomed us to come up to the porch.  We had a wonderful lesson with her and she told the sisters they could come back.
Today-  the sisters told me they are still teaching her!  Oh that made me so happy!  Her teenage daughter is attending the Young Women’s activity night and this sister is reading the Book of Mormon with the Sisters.  Today she accepted an invitation to be baptized, on the conditions that she can continue to study and feel comfortable with it.   I know it will happen!  The Lord sent us there and she is ready and prepared to hear the gospel and make covenants. 

What a wonderful day for me!  Every effort we make is rewarded by the Lord-  He wants us to be successful as we serve Him and He makes everything possible.

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

Traveled 3 and 1/2 hours to Ozark, MO, just south of Springfield to work with the two Sisters there.  We had dinner at Lamberts, Home of the Throwed Rolls- it's right in their area!  And the best thing about dinner was our waitress!  She was darling and she would love the missionaries to visit her.  She lives out of the Sister's area, but The Lord doesn't care about that.
Then we went out to work-  our first appointment cancelled- of course!  That's always an opportunity for a miracle, because you have to go looking for the someone The Lord wants you to talk to instead of the person that cancelled.  It's usually a great adventure- and it was!   We went to talk with a media referral.  A woman came out on the porch first- she talked to us and smiled and went to get her husband , who is a less active member.  He knew that the person who had referred him was his mother!  But he smiled and joked about it, and thought maybe it was time he came back to church.  He knew all the right "gospel" words so it was easy to see that he still has a testimony.  Then he prayed with us.  That always means something to me.  If a person will pray with us, they have desire, even if it is just a speck, it is there. 

Then we went to find a potential investigator that the sisters had met on the street some days earlier.  They thought they knew where she lived, but we went to the wrong door, hoorah!  Because a young man answered!  And he showed some interest in what we were saying and thought he would like the missionaries to come and visit him.  He didn't actually live there, he was visiting a friend.  He lives in Springfield, so again, it will be other missionaries,  but we were happy to have found him.
We walked across the street to visit an investigator that is making slow progress.  The sisters didn't have an appointment with her, but she let us in and we talked with her and her husband and son.  She has light in her eyes, in opposition to the darkness in her husband's.  It will be a challenge, but she can do it!
Last- an appointment with a dear older woman - less active- and her sick husband.  They have kids and grandkids living with them.  The poor woman was exhausted and she yawned over and over and talked about how hard things were and how tired she was.  The sisters taught a lesson about enduring to the end!  And then we felt strongly that we should sing to her!  We sang "I feel my Savior's love" and we saw the peace come into her face.  She hummed along on the last line, and we ALL felt the Savior's love and His Spirit come into the room. 
I'm sleeping in a hotel tonight without President Shumway- weird- here in Springfield and tomorrow I'll go out with the Sister Training Leaders.  I'm tired- but I have loved my day!

Thursday- Jan 23, 2014  another day of miracles in Springfield, finding and teaching with the Sisters.  We felt impresses to visit members and one of those members gave us a name that led us to a less active sister and her family.  She told us her story-  a difficult time- and cried as we bore out testimonies- she has one too!

Friday-  Jan 24, 2014

This day has hurt my heart.  We have several missionaries that are struggling with serious medical problems-  some serious enough that they may have to return home.  They don’t want to go, and we don’t want them to go, so we will pray for miracles.  I spent some hours at my computer and on the phone dealing with those concerns.  When I called to tell one mother about the serious medical problem her son has, she cried, and I cried.  We just want this to be such a great experience for all of them.   I have a great testimony of trusting the Lord and allowing Him to work it out.  It will be right and it will be ok, however it is.

Saturday -  Jan 25, 2014

President and I, Abby and Taylor had the wonderful privilege to attend the baptism of three young converts to the church- ages 14, 12 and 11.  They were 2 sisters and their brother- so precious dressed in white.  They listened carefully and quietly as the talks were given, they are serious about what they are doing.  I was so impressed that there were 8 or 10 youth from their new ward there to support them, and many other ward members.  One brother in the ward told us the missionaries are working with other members of that family.  Miracles!  I am so grateful the Lord allows our missionaries to find those who are ready and prepared. 

Sunday – Jan 26, 2014

President Shumway and I were up at 5am and traveled 2 and ½ hours north to Pittsburg Kansas.  What a wonderful ward!  We love the dear saints in our mission!  We spoke in their sacrament meeting,  then spoke to their youth, then spoke to their Primary, then gave a presentation the 3rd hour.  It was so much fun!   Their Bishop-  an outstanding leader-  invited us to his home after the meetings for lunch with the young single adults of his ward.   Four of those young people are new converts- baptized in the last year!  This ward is very missionary minded and they have done great things.  Those new converts gave us a short message- together.  It was very touching.   I’m so grateful to get to hear the touching stories of new converts.  The Lord is absolutely directing them to find the gospel.

Traveled on to Joplin to pick up the sister missionary who cut her hand in the car accident.  We are bringing her in to Tulsa.  Tomorrow I will take her to a hand surgeon and we’ll see what can be done. 

Another 2 hour drive-  I drove while President slept and Sister __________ tried to keep me awake.  I was so sleepy!  Arrived home about 5 pm.  A new Senior couple had already arrived.  They went to church at the New Haven ward and followed Abby and Taylor back to the mission home.  Abby and I had tried to get most of Sunday dinner prepared yesterday, so there just a few things to do, but Abby had done them all-  bless her!   So we sat down to dinner with our assistants, office staff, the new senior couple and Abby and Taylor.  Enjoyable dinner and a lesson from the assistants afterwards.

Abby and Taylor went to bed and we gave Elder and Sister ______________ a little training before they went to bed.  I’m off to bed myself-  tomorrow starts transfer week and we have so much to do to get ready.

And that's the end of that wonderful week!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

 Hi dear ones!  

It's still January - right?  You'd think it was here-  soooo cold and snowy!  In Oklahoma!  Today it was 21 degrees- it's supposed to be 64 on Sat.  
"Saturday is a special day"!

Monday Jan 13, 2014
A meeting with our assistants-  calendaring and planning.  Then I spent the next hours doing some missionary medical work- lots of phone calls and recording.  And then trying to catch up with some other records.  One of my two wonderful assistants came to help-    I could not keep up without their help! 
I don't get full days to do this very often, so I really take advantage of it when I have the time. 
Tonight-  Abby had her tumbling class early and then we had Family Home Evening.  Taylor is so tired every night.  He's up at 5:10 most mornings for Seminary then straight to Trojanaires - show choir- by 6:30 (they call it 0 hour).  Then a normal school day, football practice, play practice (he's in the spring musical-  "Tarzan"!  And then he comes home beat - ready to eat, do a little homework and go to bed so he can start it all over again the next day!  I wish I had his energy!

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
I traveled to _____, OK early this morning to spend most of the day with Sister ____and Sister ____  both outstanding missionaries.   We spent some time counseling together, then went on one appointment together- a lady who is hoping to be baptized soon.  And another appointment later in the afternoon-  a less active family.  One man in the family is not a member and our lesson was geared for him, but he played games on his phone the entire time we were teaching him!  His wife however, a young very sweet girl, just shines.  She has come back to church and she is loving everything about it and enjoying the company of the sister missionaries.  They have done wonders with her!   The Lord knows who to send!

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
Happy, happy, joyous day!  Nate and Jisoo called today.   A judge granted Nathan legal custody of Jenevi-  she is officially adopted and officially a Shumway. 
Her new name- Jenevi Anne Shumway.   Im humbled and honored and so proud to be her Grammy.
They will have her sealed to them soon-  how I wish we could be there, but even from a distance we have faith in that great power that seals and binds.  She is ours!

This morning Scott and I attended a district meeting of one of our nearby districts-  impressive!  They plan and prepare-  they are fine missionaries and they are working so hard and trying to do the Lord’s will.  Oh how we love them.

Thursday Jan 16, 2014
Got to spend a part of this day working with two of our Sister Missionaries.  Two solid sisters with solid testimonies.  Everything we tried fell through.  That’s reality here sometimes, but they were not discourgaged.  In the very next minute they will find someone to teach!

 Friday Jan 17 2014
I’ve felt some sadness in the last couple days.  Two of our missionaries have had to deal with deaths that happened at home.  It breaks my heart, but I am so proud of them.  Their hearts hurt and they just keep going and doing what the Lord sent them to do.   I know they have help from the other side to do it.
I have often felt that my parents and President’s parents were helping us.   In a private moment at our MTC training, one of the general authorities told President Shumway that his father would be much more help to him from the other side than he ever could have been from here.  I know they are here.
I felt prompted to join President Shumway today in one of the trainings he usually does alone-  just so I could give a hug to one of those missionaries, a sister.  She is so very sad, but very strong as well and she’ll be alright.

Tonight two of our missionaries got in a car wreck -in a far out area of our mission.  They are mostly ok.  One will need stitches on her hand.  But every time we hear of an accident our missionaries are in, I am so grateful that they are ok.  The Lord has truly blessed us every day.  I can’t even think how devastating it would be if anything serious happened to any one of them.  I’ll be on my knees in gratitude tonight.

Sunday Jan 19, 2014
A lovely Sabbath day spent with my children.  I drove Taylor 20 minutes away to the Sapulpa Ok Ward Building to practice with a group of about 8 other string players to perform in a Stake Youth Fireside tonight.   After the practice we rushed to our ward and barely made it on time, then jumped in the car after church, stopped at the house for a minute and headed to Bartlesville OK, one hour to the north , where our Stake Center is for the Stake Youth Fireside.  We had Taylor’s friend with us.  We had to be there early for another string practice and then we enjoyed a wonderful fireside.  I was so impressed with it.  Our Stake President is an outstanding leader and speaker.  He really connects with the youth and I was so glad Abby and Taylor and Taylor's friend were there to hear the important things that were said.  We got back home just in time for Taylor and his friend to go out with Elder _____ one of our local missionaries- whose companion was going with a member to give a blessing.  Elder _____ needed a companion or two to go teach a lesson.  Both Taylor and his friend had an opportunity to bear their testimonies and they told me that the man they were teaching cried because he felt the Spirit.  I’m so grateful for the boys to have these opportunities.


Monday, January 20, 2014

 The News From Oklahoma-  Week Monday Jan 6 to Sunday Jan 12, 2014

 Hi Family and Friends-
Another blog and it hasn't even been 3 months!  Part of my new years resolution.  I'm just letting you read my journal (minus all the names- remember I can't include that).  This is part of my new year's resolutions.  You might decide it's too much to read-  you won't offend me.   But I'll have a great record- with pictures- of some of the things we did.  
Hope everything is OK wherever you are-  we love you - and pray for you.
Sister Shumway

 Monday Jan 6, 2014-  Mission Leadership Counsel
It was a cold day-  I think our low was 10- and the high in the teens.  School was canceled because of the ice on the roads, so we decided not to do a neighborhood service project, for the first time in months.  The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders came in a little later, but we enjoyed a nice dinner together and then an evening of training about leadership qualities.  It is such a pleasure to be with such remarkable young people.

 Tuesday Jan 7, 2014-  Mission Leadership Counsel continued
Up at 5:30 for breakfast at 6:45.  Some of the missionaries helped me cook.
We had 5 hours of training this morning- the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders doing most of the training.  It's impressive. 
Lunch at the mission home about 1:30pm.  Then there are just so many details to be taken care of -  things to be sent out to the zones, we always take a picture,  individual interviews for some leaders, and I had a few that needed to talk about medical issues.  This was the first time President Shumway didn't interview all the companionships together- probably the only time that will happen.
Then everyone heads back to their areas-  they are dedicated leaders and they are all determined to help their zones do great missionary work and improve in any way they can.

They love to be together!

Our beautiful missionaries!  We adore them!

Thursday  Jan 9th 2014- Happy Birthday McKay!!

I was up by 5:30 to be ready to leave for Miami Oklahoma by 7:30.  Got Abby on the bus and made the hour and ½ drive to Miami to spend the day with 3 Sisters- a tri-panionship.  These are some of my best missionary days!  I love it!  We had companionship study and then went out to teach.  These Sisters are on fire!  They have so many investigators right now they are having a hard time teaching all of them.  I got to meet two of them.   One is a new investigator who already has a baptism date.  She prayed for the first time today, with help from one of the Sisters.  She held our hands and afterwards she stood up and hugged us and cried.  The Spirit was bearing witness to all of us of the truthfulness of the Gospel and that the Lord loves her and is so mindful of her.   It is a remarkable thing, a great blessing, to watch the dawn break as the Gospel comes into an investigator’s life.

Friday Jan 10th 2014

President Shumway and I were up early and off to the Tulsa East Stake Center for our monthly mission broadcast.  This has been one of our creative endeavors.  Just another way to get in front of the missionaries.  The Friday after our Mission Leadership Meetings, the Zone Leaders pull their missionaries together for Zone Training Meeting -  10 zones in 10 different places all over our mission.   After the opening song, prayer and recitations, President Shumway and I speak to all of them via camera on the computer.  I’m going to admit I really don’t even know how they are doing it.  It takes them an hour to set it up, and it always works!  So I guess I don’t need to know-  these missionaries are so smart!
This was a special broadcast to us-  President Shumway and I have been praying and talking and planning.  We are trying to receive some inspiration about how we can move forward now with the 250+ missionaries in the OTM.  The hastening made the size of our force explode.   All of our indicators went up too, but we know we’ve got to be constantly working to help our missionaries  stay strong, obedient and motivated to do the Lord’s work.  Their work  requires huge effort.  They have to want to do it and find joy in it – and they do. 
I spoke about “climbing mountains” and President Shumway spoke about the 5 anchors that get us up the mountain-
1. Put your armour on every day-  obey every rule whether you agree with it or not!
2. Pray constantly and earnestly for the Holy Ghost to be your constant companion.
3. Make your mornings a spiritual experience (get up on time,  use personal and companionship study as a sacred time to prepare)
4. Don’t go in early-  stay out till 9pm  (all your effort-  all day!)
5. Stamp out all negative thinking  (positive thinking-  don’t let Satan  influence your thoughts)

That was the basis of his talk.  He had felt so inspired about these things and also used them in our last zone conference.  They are having a huge impact on our mission already.  We have had dozens of emails from the missionaries telling us of the miracles they are having from doing these things.

One of the sisters yesterday (in the area that is exploding!) on my visit told me she wondered why everyone said missionary work is so hard-  you just do everything you are asked to do and miracles happen every day.  

I had another sister call me to tell me they had decided to be “super obedient” today and make their morning “a spiritual experience”.  They felt directed to follow up with some media referrals and amazing things happened.  One man, whom they had never met before, but at some time had previously had missionary lessons asked them if he could be baptized!  They were thrilled!

I’m so grateful to know this is the Lord’s mission.  If we just will listen, He tells us what to do!

Saturday Jan 11th 2014
Our preparation day and for the first time in weeks, we actually used it that way- washing our cars, organizing and catching up with some things. 
I got to go with Abby early this morning for a private tumbling and cheerleading lesson.  She has been working out in a gym for the last 4 weeks and is preparing for Jenks High School cheerleading tryouts next month.  She is the cutest cheerleader you’ve ever seen!  I LOVE watching her!  
Found an hour to catch up with some medical issues with the missionaries.   I had spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon sitting at my computer I was so far behind.  Today I can finally see that I might get a handle on this!   This is another thing that makes me so grateful for the Lord’s help.  What do I know!  A missionary calls to tell me what health concern they have, and I just wait and open myself up to the feeling I know will come that tells me to get them right to the Doctor, or to take an ibuprofen and go to bed.  I have to trust that feeling-  it’s always right.

Friday after the broadcast, President Shumway and I went to pick up a man that was supposed to come with us to the mission home for a lesson.  We have been working with him for a very long time.  He wasn’t there-  so disappointing.   But he called me later and again today to tell me he will come to church with us tomorrow.  I’m praying that happens-

Also had a great conversation this morning with Abby’s gym coach about the church.  He said he would like to join us in church tomorrow!   I’m always hopeful.

Sunday Jan 12th 2014
Well-  my two friends didn’t come to church- I’ll keep working with them!  I went early to pick up a recent convert and her two girls for church.  She wasn’t ready and was very depressed and upset.  She didn’t come to church.   It was our ward conference today and it seemed like every word that was said would have been encouraging and helpful to her.  That’s the way it is- she’ll never know the blessings she missed by not being there.  But I was able to go get her and her girls after church and bring them to the mission home for dinner with the assistants and the one of our senior couples.  (Sister Linda Shumway and her companion had their investigator to dinner again!  So great!)   We watched “The Testaments” with the little girls-  they asked tons of gospel questions- I was so happy-  and the feeling was wonderful.  The recent convert asked President Shumway for a blessing.  She felt much more calm on the way home, and we had a great conversation.  I challenged her to prepare for the temple and she expressed the feeling that she really wants that. 
So, the end of another week, or the beginning, however you look at it.  And this next week is already full of appointments and missionary activities.

Hope your week is great too!  There are always so many blessings in all of our days and weeks!  The Lord loves us and the gospel is true.